Smart & clean networks in Finland

Smart & clean, short for “smart cities and cleantech”, refers to sectors wherein it’s possible to significantly reduce resource use or emissions.

Here’s a list of relevant networks in Finland. Most of them focus on helping the right people meet, for example by matchmaking startups, corporations, investors and mentors. I will be updating this page as the ecosystem develops so it’s worth checking back monthly.

Built environment

Smart homes, real estate, construction, infrastructure etc.

PropTech Finland – Part of the international PropTech organization network

KIRAHub – Has organized more than 150 pilot projects between startups and corporations.

Client: Combient Foundry organizes piloting calls by 30 corporations, several of which are looking for smart solutions related to buildings and construction. They organize 2-3 calls for solutions per year.


Smart Otaniemi – Focuses on helping companies form consortiums to apply for national/EU funding for pilot projects

Valkea Growth Club by Fortum – Incubator and VC

Energy investors

Helen Ventures – Helen is short for Helsinki Energy, a large utility company – Founded by three utility companies and with other industry corporations as partners

Also note the Valkea Growth Club by Fortum above. Fortum is the largest utility company in Finland, with many international branches.


ITS Finland – Part of the international Intelligent Transportation Systems network


Food & Beyond by EIT & VTT

Corporation: Fazer (Lab) – International food industry giant, looking to pilot new solutions as a client and potential investor

Investor: Nordic FoodTech VC

Circular Economy

CircVol by 6Aika – Circular economy of volumes, such as land mass and liquids

Event: Digitally Circular – Bi-monthly, always with a different theme like energy, food, corporate-startup partnerships etc. Excellent speakers from the industry every time. This is where I’ve met many good contacts in the industry.


Forum Virium – Organizes dozens of pilot projects every year. A part of the City of Helsinki.

Testbed Helsinki – List of piloting opportunities in Helsinki. Maintained by the City.

Urban Tech Helsinki – A free-of-charge incubator for clean and sustainable urban solutions. They help startups turn business ideas into growth-oriented ones that focus on solving the challenges of modern cities.

6Aika – Consortium of the six biggest cities in Finland: Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Turku and Oulu. They develop the innovation ecosystem jointly so that a startup solving a challenge in one city can start offering the same solution in other cities with less hassle. Many things they do become de facto standards in Finland. They organize many piloting and ecosystem support projects, such as CircVol, so that each city has a representative facilitating the activity there. They have plenty of ongoing and upcoming projects that are worth staying informed about.

Salo IoT Campus

CLIC Innovation – Organizes innovation cluster development and ecosystem support activity on energy, circular economy and bioeconomy.

Demos Helsinki – In addition to their think tank side, they manage ecosystem development projects like Peloton Club and the international SmartUp Accelerator.

Synbio – Synthetic biology startup and innovation network.

Photonics Finland – Photonics (optics) related startup and innovation network.

Baltic Blue Biotechnology Alliance+ (Submariner) – Network to help biotech startups related to the Baltic Sea to find mentors, partners and clients.

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