Finnish smart & clean investors

A list of Finnish investors who are actively seeking smart & clean startups to invest into, and their initial ticket size ranges.

Butterfly Ventures – Early-stage deep tech hardware fund. €50k – 1M

Ensto – A family company providing industrial-grade electricity hardware, interested in synergistic startups.

Gorilla Capital – The most active early-stage fund in Nordics. €50k – 200k – An early-stage energy sector fund started by three regional electricity utility companies. €50k – 400k

Helen Ventures – Investment unit of Helen, the Helsinki City electricity company. €300k – 3M

Icebreaker – Software-only fund with multiple smart & clean startups in their portfolio. €150k – 800k

Innovestor – Syndicate management, invested into multiple smart & clean companies. €250k – 1.5M

Inventure – Generalist fund with many investments in smart & clean space. €250k – 2M

Kiilto Ventures – Family office of Kiilto Group, family company producing professional chemicals for cleaning, adhesives etc. €50k – 1M

Lifeline Ventures – One of the most successful Finnish funds. Early-stage investments in a broad range, including deep tech and smart & clean companies. €200k – 2M

Maki VC – Generalistic investor with a large fund, interested in doing investments in smart & clean companies. €200k – 3M

Metsä Spring – Metsä Group is one the three huge forestry companies in Finland, and they have their own investment arm. €500k – 5M

Nordic FoodTech VC – Food-related technology investments. €200k – 1M

Nordic Ninja – A large fund with multiple Japanese corporations as investors, with investments in mobility etc. €500k – 10M

Redstone – Multiple funds, some with smart & clean focus, managed for 50 CVC partners. €25k – 10M

Spintop Ventures – A Finnish-Swedish fund with multiple smart & clean investments, especially platforms and digital solutions. €500k – 1.5M

Suomen vaikuttavuussijoitus (Fiil Good) – Angel group doing impact investments. €5k – 200k

Valkea Growth Club – An investment unit and accelerator of Fortum, the largest Finnish energy corporation. €100k – 2M

Valo Ventures – A late-stage fund by Fortum, managed in Palo Alto, California. $2-15M

Voima Ventures – Research-based deep tech fund. €200k – 4M

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