Large clients seeking startups

Here’s a growing list of corporations and other large clients who’d love to be among the first clients of new, innovative solutions that startups provide, and a few keywords of what each is seeking for.

Beiersdorf – Skin care, Software, Physical products

Elisa Finland – Connectivity, Automation, Industry 4.0, Health care, Entertainment, Smart homes

Fazer – Food, Raw materials, Production process technologies

Fiskars Group – Consumer goods, New services, New business models

Fortum – Energy, Energy systems, Sustainability, Resource efficiency, Digital solutions

Helsinki health services – Health, Digital services, Robotics, AI, Home care

Helsinki urban development – Urban planning, Mobility, Construction, Building management, Circular economy, Energy, Air quality, Citizen and stakeholder participation in city development

Maxion Advanced Technologies – Mobility, Manufacturing, New business models

OP – Banking, Insurance, Fintech, AI, Biometrics, Customer loyalty, Customer experience

Port of Helsinki – Real estate, Maintenance, Security, Border control, Sustainability, Energy efficiency, Solar energy, IoT

Stara – Construction, Real estate, Maintenance, Logistics, Drones

Telia Finland – Mobile data, Software, Circular economy data

YIT – Construction, Materials, Real estate

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