Battery startups in Finland

Akkurate – Battery lifetime monitoring and optimization software. Can be run in their cloud or within the customer’s data infrastructure. Allows optimizing battery usage to increase its lifetime, forecasting the needs for maintenance or replacements, as well as evaluating and modeling the risks for insurance, financing and other related services.

AkkuSer – Recycling portable batteries. They extract valuable raw materials and deliver those to metal refineries, serving as material for new batteries and other demanding products. They focus especially on portable lithium-ion batteries. They have operated and grown for over 15 years, and are interested in partnerships to support their expansion.

Bamomas – Battery fleet management and optimization software that supports multiple battery technologies. Their clients include material handling companies, railways and energy utility companies. The solution also works for example for utility vehicles ranging from industrial ones to golf karts; wherever there’s a large and valuable battery fleet. They are able to provide a whole fleet management solution or integrate with existing ones.

BroadBit Batteries – Sodium salt based batteries that are cheaper, safer, more sustainable, and support a broader range of operating temperatures than most currently available batteries. They can also be produced at mass scale almost anywhere on the planet. They build batteries for three types of use cases: high energy (mobile applications: laptops, electric vehicles etc.), high power (drones, car starter batteries, power tools, grid stabilization) and high efficiency (grid storage). They may have room for additional investors.

Geyser Batteries – Power batteries that last over a million charge cycles, are sustainable, can be produced from local materials all around the world, and are safe. Mechanically robust and low to no maintentance, working from -40C to +60C (>85C possible). Minimal total cost of ownership (TCO), operates in harsh conditions, very high CO2 savings over lifetime. Can be discharged to 0V. No thermal runaway. Nonflammable solvent (water): safe transport, installation, operation and recycling with no fire risk. Recyclable, and built 40% of recycled materials. No conflict materials. Fast charge and discharge. 3MW/t cycling power, 10MW/t burst power, <100µs reaction time, low ESR. Low cost for power (€/kW). High recuperation potential.

Teraloop – Their kinetic energy storage increases the utilization and reduces the costs of stationary energy storage. This sustainable solution can increase the utilization of an EV fast charge point by over 400% and reduce the capital cost of the storage by almost 70%. They’re well suited for enhancing distributed energy assets like virtual power plants and industrial process protection. Teraloop is seeking more partners in systems integrators and energy companies looking to enhance their product portfolio, as well as industrial process companies to enhance their processes. They may also have room for an additional investor in their scaling round in 2022.

If you’re interested in learning more, Future Mobility Finland has an article on the use cases and business environment for battery startups in Finland.

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