Nordic & Baltic deep tech investors

Here are a few key deep tech investors in Nordics and Baltics with their ticket size ranges.

Baltic Sandbox Ventures – Very early-stage deep tech fund from Lithuania. They offer even small grants for deep tech founders. Ticket size will be updated here shortly.

Butterfly Ventures – Early-stage deep tech hardware fund from Finland. €50k – 1M

byFounders – A New Nordic fund investing also in deep tech. €200k – 5M

Commercialization Reactor – A deep tech accelerator and investor from Latvia. €50k – €300k

Iron Wolf Capital – Lithuanian fund with a preference for deep tech. €100k – €1.6M

Karma Ventures – Deep tech software fund from Estonia. €500k – 3M

Lifeline Ventures – One of the most successful Finnish funds. Early-stage investments in a broad range, including deep tech and smart & clean companies. €200k – 2M

Tera Ventures – Software deep tech fund from Estonia. €200k – 1M

Voima Ventures – Research-based deep tech fund from Finland. €200k – 4M

Walerud Ventures – Family office of seasoned deep tech entrepreneurs from Sweden. They only invest into cases where they are able to add significant business value through hands-on participation. €200k – €1M

Let me know if you know an investor that should be added here 🙂

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