Beiersdorf is a corporation focusing on skin care solutions, managing brands like Nivea and looking for companies that will help shape the future of skin care and wellbeing.

They’re interested in being the first pilot client of a startup, whether the offering is related software or a physical product.

Tehnopol Startup Incubator

Tehnopol Startup Incubator is located in Tallinn, Estonia. Applications are open all through the year, selection process and intake are in batches around the year.

Current focus areas are health tech, space tech, B2B ICT, greentech and smart cities. Startups from other areas are also welcome.

Most of their participating companies are B2B or B2C. They also have a separate program focused on the needs of B2G startups, which they’re happy to tell more about.

Participating teams have to have or establish a company in Estonia (takes 15 minutes) within a month of joining the program.

Coinvest Capital

Generalist co-investment fund from Lithuania. They invest alongside three or more angels or VC funds that are not backed by public money. They consider all business sectors, however the fund wouldn’t invest into weapons or vices (cigarettes, gambling etc.).

They can fund up to 70% of a total investment round. They cap their return at 6% annually during the investment period, with the excess shared among other investors of the syndicate. The investments must benefit Lithuania, e.g. companies need to have or open an office and hire employees in Lithuania.

Access 4 Future

Access 4 Future is a market entry program for startups wishing to help people in the target countries get better access to healthcare: India, Niger, Philippines, Egypt, Thailand.

The program’s support includes connections locally (piloting), regionally and globally (scalability) and covers startups’ piloting costs. Each location has a different challenge for startups to help in, and they have different application periods during autumn 2020. Challenges include for example furthering the education and training of doctors.

The chosen solutions have to be scaleable. For example a solution that will be piloted in two hospitals might later expand to the state, then the country and finally internationally.


Sampo Accelerator

Sampo Accelerator is a no-equity 3.5-week acceleration program ran by Mike Bradshaw, who was the Head Coach of Startup Sauna when that acceleration program was active. The program includes follow-up meetings and checkups after the program to support the founders’ growth path.

The program is optimized for first-time growth company founders. They’re looking for companies around launch, with a working demo but without significant customer numbers. The solution will be evaluated too when applying, but teams are the main focus. Teams typically have to have background in design or product development (ability to build a solution and generate interesting ideas).

The program is free until the company generates €1M of revenue profitably, at which point the company is suggested to make a small contribution to the accelerator’s founder community.

The coaches each have over three years of experience in building startups. They’re not investors, which enables them to offer an independent point of view.

Sampo Accelerator is ran three times a year, starting typically around October, January and April. They also organize a social gathering for alumni and coaches twice a year: the week before midsummer and around the time of Slush.

The Founder Institute Finland & Global Center of Excellence for Food Ecosystems

The Founder Institute runs two pre-seed acceleration programs in Finland: a general one for all founders, as well as a Global Center of Excellence for Food Ecosystems, interested in all food-related solutions.

Their program works for all founders, even those who don’t have an idea yet, until the stage of having good sales and the first professional investor on board.

The programs cost €599/€799 (early bird/regular fee), with a possibility to get a stipend to cover the costs. The participants also commit to a 4% warrant.

Vitosha Venture Partners

Vitosha Venture Partners invests into startups that have a connection with Bulgaria, or willing to establish one. For example a sales team’s office or a development unit.

They do not invest into gambling or similar types of startups.

Northbound Startups

Northbound Startups is a cross-border accelerator program between Finland (Turku), Sweden (Västerås) and Estonia (Tallinn). They help startups build their business and get an investment from local and international investors. They connect startups to investors, mentors, buyers etc. from all three areas, boosting the startups’ ability to work across the Baltic sea. The program is free for startups.

The two-year project offers two comprehensive acceleration programs. one per year. Application period for autumn 2020 program is open from 15.6.2020 until mid-August and the program begins in September 2020 and ends in March 2021. The dates for the second batch are approx a month earlier in 2021.

The program collaborates with institutional investors, investor networks and other accelerator and incubator programs, such as Turku BusinessUp.

Previous similar programs, like Springboard, ignited multiple startups that got a great international start in 2 or 3 countries and cities through the program.


Redstone has six funds and 50 CVC partners. Their funds and sectors are listed in They are especially interested in industry 4.0, fintech, proptech, mobility, bio materials & agrotech.

Finnish Business Angels Network (FIBAN)

One of the largest business angel networks in the world with 650 members.

Ticket range of most angels is €5-100k, median ticket size is €20k. Syndicates may invest up to €1M. Median syndicate size is €200k.