Valo Ventures

Valo Ventures is a $175M fund, seeking scalable companies especially in the software field. They are interested in especially strong hardware cases as well, especially if the main value is in the software side.

Focused on B2B and B2C, but interested in especially strong B2G cases as well.

Geographically they look at North America, Europe and Israel.

They usually lead or co-invest.


Speedinvest invests into digital software solutions and helps them scale internationally, especially in the US. They have several funds, some of specializing in for example marketplaces, fintech and industrial tech. Deep tech, SaaS, enterprise and consumer solutions, and digital health are also of especial interest to them.

They have offices in Berlin, London, Munich, Silicon Valley and Vienna.

They focus on both B2B and B2C solutions, but are interested in considering B2G cases as well.

They seek an ownership stake of 10% or higher a usually a board seat. They typically lead rounds.

Lifeline Ventures

Lifeline Ventures is one of the most successful Finnish venture funds, focusing on teams with Finnish founders. They invest into companies in early stage only and have the capacity to follow-on at least pro rata until very late stages.

They prefer to lead the rounds of their initial investments and seek a board seat.


VenturesOne invests into European and South Asian companies. They’re sector-agnostic, focusing more on teams and business models. They have a preference for B2B, but invest into strong companies with other clients types as well.

Kristjan Raude

Kristjan’s background is in digital marketing and personal development, and he has a passion for startups where he can leverage these and his business development acumen. He considers himself as quite active in supporting his portfolio companies, although he’s more than happy to leave the daily operations to the management team.

He has a preference for B2B and deep tech but other kinds of startups are also interesting, except not B2G.

Truffle Capital

Truffle Capital invests into software-intensive companies. They have a preference for deep tech and B2B and B2B2C, but have invested into strong B2C or applied tech cases as well.

Sector-wise they’re especially interested in fintech and insurtech.

Maniv Mobility

Maniv Mobility invests into mobility companies worldwide. They have extensive networks in the mobility industry and have many car companies as their limited partners.

They invest into both hardware and software, as well as deep tech and applied tech. They prefer B2B or B2C, but B2G is also possible. They’re often the lead or solo investor, but can be a follow investor in exceptional cases.

They’re based in Tel Aviv, Israel. They have approx. 30 companies in their portfolio and are currently managing their second fund by the end of 2020.


Marlion is the angel investment company of Tuomas Pahlman. His background is in measurement technology and analytics software. He’s looking for B2B companies in related areas to invest in.

He prefers to invest in a syndicate. Occasionally does solo investments as well.

Fil Rouge Capital

Fil Rouge Capital invests into startups operating or opening an office in Croatia. They prefer software, marketplaces and applied tech, but are interested in deep tech and hardware as well.

They have an acceleration program that invests €50k into all accepted companies. The participants can be pre-revenue.

Their VC side €200-500k tickets into companies with revenue at least from early pilot customers and a strong growth potential.

They prefer to lead or co-lead investment syndicates, but are willing to consider solo investments as well.

Maersk Growth

Maersk Growth invests into companies with global ambitions to shape the end-to-end supply chains. They’re the CVC arm of the global logistics giant Maersk, offering excellent growth opportunities for companies working with supply chains or logistics.

They’re interested in technological and non-technological companies both. Many of their investments are into operational companies that leverage technology but for whom the core competence might be in the operations side.

They prefer co-investing with traditional VCs. They’re happy to be a follow-investor but can lead and occasionally solo invest as well.