Tera Ventures

Tera Ventures specializes in early stage deep tech software companies. They’re often the first institutional investor, helping to get other professional investors in for bigger funding rounds.

They prefer B2B companies, but are willing to consider B2B2C ones as well. They can consider investing into hardware-software companies if the value is mainly in the software side. They’re fine with health tech.

They look to have a board seat in the companies they invest in. They commonly syndicate so that they’re the lead investor.

They can be reached at tera@tera.vc.

Revo Capital

Revo Capital invests into developing East-European markets. Traction is required and B2B is preferred, but B2C is also ok.

They often look for a board seat. Their home market is in Turkey.

They consider themselves active helpers of their companies, especially in expanding beyond the home market. Founders of the fund have C-level background in the largest Turkish telecom.

K Fund

K Fund is based in Spain, investing especially in Spain but also elsewhere in Europe, Israel and Russia.

They’re the lead investor in most of their cases.


Inovo Venture Partners

Software-focused, but do other investments as well. Especial expertise in B2B, both enterprises and SMEs, and SaaS or marketplace business models.

Geographically focused in Central Eastern Europe (80%), with a mandate to invest anywhere (20%). Often a co-investor, but do lead and solo investments as well.

Innovation Nest

Focusing on B2B software, especially SaaS. Very B2B-oriented forms of B2B2C can also be interesting.

Prefer at least €10k MRR. For exceptional founders, exceptions can be made.

Geographically they focus on EEA + Switzerland + UK. They prefer to invest in syndicates as a lead or co-investor.

M&M Growth Partners

They do VC tickets of €100k-500k, and growth tickets €200k-5M. They invest only in software with an emphasis on B2B and deep tech. Traction and sales are required, preference for over €500k ARR.

Preferred contact point is contact@mmgp.fi.

Presto Ventures

Presto Ventures is a Czech family office. They prefer B2B companies, but can also invest in B2C with good unit economics.

Family office of Skoda transportation company’s ex-owner. Heavy machinery is a special expertise area. Fund preference is for not too capital-intensive companies.

Earth Capital

Doing sustainability and impact investing: mobility, food and agriculture, energy (renewable, efficiency, storage), water, waste etc. Looking for indications of repeat demand.

Looking for defensible market positions. Technology is not necessary, if the position of the company is otherwise strategically defensible.

Investing globally with a focus on Europe. Also investing actively in Africa and Asia.

Focus on B2B across all their funds.

Prefer to lead or co-invest. Prefer to take a board seat.

Fidiasz EVC

Interested in hardware and deep tech software. Solutions should be hard for competitors to copy, and if they are, it’s not a must that they’re technological. They prefer companies having customer validation and preferably revenue, but in exceptional cases can invest in a proof-of-concept stage as well.

Companies can be based anywhere, but have to have some operations in Eastern Europe, for example considering Poland as an important target market.

In most cases they only co-invest or lead invest. For startups related to construction industry and chemicals, a CVC investment is possible.


Sparkmind.vc is the first Nordic venture capital company focused on the learning sector. They invest in teams transforming early childhood, K12, higher, secondary and vocational education as well as corporate and lifelong learning. Their geographical home field is Europe, especially North Europe, but they also selectively do investments outside the region.

They often join the boards of their portfolio companies.