The Founder Institute Finland & Global Center of Excellence for Food Ecosystems

The Founder Institute runs two pre-seed acceleration programs in Finland: a general one for all founders, as well as a Global Center of Excellence for Food Ecosystems, interested in all food-related solutions.

Their program works for all founders, even those who don’t have an idea yet, until the stage of having good sales and the first professional investor on board.

The programs cost €599/€799 (early bird/regular fee), with a possibility to get a stipend to cover the costs. The participants also commit to a 4% warrant.

Equinor & Techstars Energy Accelerator

Equinor & Techstars Energy Accelerator seeks innovative startups within four critical areas of the energy sector: oil and gas, new business models, digitization and renewables. Equinor is a leading energy corporation in Norway, and the program’s physical parts take place in Oslo.

Techstars is a leading startup accelerator that has invested into over 2,100 companies and helped them raise $9.3B since 2007. They run approx. 50 programs every year, each investing into 10 companies.

Their application period for 2020 program is open until 11.10.2020, and the next application period will be open from July to October 2021, for the program that will take place in February 2022.

Techstars acceleration programs include a $20k stipend for running expenses and an optional $100k convertible loan in addition to the programs’ coaching and the network membership, in exchange for a 6% stake in the company (or higher based on the conversion rate on next round).

Techstars Ventures also does follow-on investments into their best performing portfolio companies, having co-led an investment round with Equinor of €4M. Many other funds also invest into Techstars companies.

Buildit Latvia

Buildit Latvia is a hardware-focused accelerator in Riga, Latvia. They invest into many startups in their program. Among its usual benefits the program acts as a due diligence for both sides to see if it’s a good time to work together for a longer term and make and take the investment.

They invest €20-50k initially from their pre-seed fund on companies. They can later follow up with up to €250k with their seed fund. For the pre-seed investments, the teams need to incorporate in Latvia. At the seed stage, they don’t need to stay there. All the companies they take in have to be willing and able to move into Latvia.

They have a preference for B2B, but take in companies with all client types.

3 Months to Live: MVP Bootcamp

A technology-building accelerator by Producement, founded by ex-Transferwise engineers. They invest software-building for startups at a discount and possibility to pay half by equity, convertible debt or similar.

Revenue is not mandatory but preferred. They look for customer validation of demand, and are focused on helping make the technology work and be scalable.

They are also able to help the best startups attract funding.

Frontier Growth Capital

Frontier Growth Capital company is the early stage angel investment company of Mikko Silventola, focusing on pre-seed or seed stage tech companies. The earlier the stage the better, and software is preferred.

Mikko has invested into three unicorns and many companies that are valued at over €100M. He can help opening doors, fundraising (incl. attracting strategic angels) and other crucial growth company tasks.

Elisa Finland Startup Partnerships

Elisa seeks startups to purchase innovations from as an early customer. They’re also seeking mature startups to acquire.

Their focus is on solutions that help them sell more connectivity solutions or additional services to their current customers. E.g. automation, industry 4.0, health care, entertainment, smart homes etc.

They’re happy to connect with startups that are interested in Finnish or Nordic-Baltic market.

Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab

Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab offers ways to pilot solutions in real-life city context in Helsinki, Finland. Their sweet spot is solutions that are ready to be tested, but they’re happy to discuss also with idea stage projects to see about future collaboration potential. The solutions should be related to safe and sustainable smart mobility.

They have 1-2 agile piloting calls per year, but also ongoing applications, so feel free to contact them any time.

The most recent call is open until 18.8.2020 with a maximum cost of one agile pilot being €15 000.


Redstone has six funds and 50 CVC partners. Their funds and sectors are listed in They are especially interested in industry 4.0, fintech, proptech, mobility, bio materials & agrotech.

Maritime Accelerator

Maritime Accelerator connects startups that match the demand of large corporations in the field. Their programs are always tailored for the current needs of the participating corporations.

The program is held once a year in Turku, Finland.

Application period of the 2020 batch was postponed to the end of the year. It is preliminarily 1.11.-31.12.2020, and the final information will be updated closer up.


Accelerace’s acceleration programs are based in Denmark, but most can be participated in remotely. All their programs are free of charge, no equity taken. They have an extensive network of corporate partners internationally, especially in Europe.

Most of their programs can be participated in remotely, but some may require either physical presence or a registered in Denmark.

Their focus areas are life science, sound, energy, food and beverage, entertainment, IoT. They run more than one program per year per average in each of their focus areas, and typically at least one program’s application period is open on any given time.

They have a fund to invest in the best of their participating startups. The investment tickets are 500k DKK, which is approximately €65k. These investments are done as a convertible note, and are completely optional for the startup to accept or not. It’s done as a co-investment, so the startup has to have another investor investing a minimum of 125k DKK (approx €17k) at the same time. Accelerace is happy to help find suitable investors.

Their life science tech startup mentorship program is highly rated in the Nordics. Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Iceland. It’s funded by the Novo Nordic foundation.

They also partner with Overkill Ventures in Riga, Latvia.