Spring Capital

Spring Capital manages two funds: a small cap growth fund with €300k – 700k tickets, and a startup fund with €50k – 200k tickets on rounds of €300k – 1M, with a maximum total allocation of €450k into one very successful company over the lifetime. The growth fund can invest up to €1M into a company altogether.

The growth fund is focused on making solo investments into profitable companies, occasionally also co-investing on rounds of up to €2M. The startup fund makes co-investments into startups with traction, typically with €5-20k/mo in revenues, seeking to become profitable later.

The startup fund invests into software and marketplaces, and the growth fund into hardware and traditional manufacturing SMEs. They prefer applied technological solutions instead of very deep tech, but in the growth fund they also look into non-tech cases.

In their growth fund, Spring Capital is looking for innovators of traditional fields. The startup fund specializes in SaaS and marketplace solutions.

Ticket size: €50k-€700k, sweet spot €100k, maximum allocation with follow-on investments €1,000k per company