Practica Capital

Practica Capital is a Lithuanian fund investing especially into early-stage companies, focusing especially on tech companies in the Baltics. They also invest into companies in some nearby areas or with Baltic founders elsewhere in Europe.

They have an especial liking for marketplaces, SaaS, space tech, mobility, fintech, big data, AI, and interdisciplinary life science startups, including health tech and biotech. Drug discovery and other solutions with very long development time spans are out of their focus. They prefer tech solutions but are also interested in especially strong non-tech solutions as well. Idea stage companies are only interesting with founding teams that include serial entrepreneurs.

They are an active investor, helping the deals happen by getting the rest of the needed investors on board.

They have invested in more than 50 companies, leading to more than 20 exits.

If they lead the investment they often take a board seat, especially in fields where their experience is helpful.

Ticket size: €50k-€2,000k, sweet spot €500k, maximum allocation with follow-on investments €3,000k per company