Kiilto Ventures

Kiilto Ventures is the family office of Kiilto Group. Kiilto develops, manufactures and markets chemical industry solutions in four business areas: construction, industrial bonding and hygiene solutions, professional cleanliness and hygiene, and consumer business. Kiilto Ventures is seeking B2B and B2G companies disrupting and innovating the way things are done in these sectors.

They prefer to invest into companies they can have a business collaboration with, for example as a client, sales channel or RDI partner.

They value sustainability and appreciate alternative solutions to achieve the desired results with a better environmental impact. Other interest areas include for example hygiene validation and management with data, and identifying invisible dirt, bacteria or viruses, especially automatically from surfaces, and hygiene as a service.

Kiilto Ventures prefers ownership stakes between 10-20%. They appreciate getting a board seat.

Kiilto’s aim is to be carbon neutral by 2028.

Ticket size: €50k-€1,000k, sweet spot €300k