Earth Capital

Doing sustainability and impact investing: mobility, food and agriculture, energy (renewable, efficiency, storage), water, waste etc. Looking for indications of repeat demand.

Looking for defensible market positions. Technology is not necessary, if the position of the company is otherwise strategically defensible.

Investing globally with a focus on Europe. Also investing actively in Africa and Asia.

Focus on B2B across all their funds.

Prefer to lead or co-invest. Prefer to take a board seat.

Katapult Food

Katapult Food has an acceleration program where they invest $150k and bring companies onsite to London for 3 months.

They invest only in modern food/agritech, for instance not on cases that are purely mechanical engineering or food production, brands and other linear scale business models. They look for companies who have reached a valuation of over €1.5M.

They’re preparing to open a series A instrument by the end of 2020.

Their tickets are $150k and maximum allocation with a follow-on from the upcoming fund is $1M, both in US dollars.