Angels Band (Belarus Business Angels)

Belarus Business Angels (aka Angels Band) is the biggest angel investor network in Belarus and a member of EBAN.

Most of their investments are into Belarusian and Ukrainian companies, but are open to investments into other geographies as well, especially Baltics and Central Asia.

Idea stage companies can also apply, but valuation should be below €1M.

Earth Capital

Doing sustainability and impact investing: mobility, food and agriculture, energy (renewable, efficiency, storage), water, waste etc. Looking for indications of repeat demand.

Looking for defensible market positions. Technology is not necessary, if the position of the company is otherwise strategically defensible.

Investing globally with a focus on Europe. Also investing actively in Africa and Asia.

Focus on B2B across all their funds.

Prefer to lead or co-invest. Prefer to take a board seat.

Helen Ventures

Helen Ventures is the €50M energy CVC fund of Helsinki energy company Helen. Their investments are connected to energy: production, storage, transmission, usage, saving, carbon neutrality, digital and other operational solutions for a large energy company, and related solution areas like mobility and circular economy.