Designer Lisa Tonkin Lists Her Stylish Melbourne Home For 4.5 Million

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Interior designer Lisa Tonkin has put her equally stylish and swanky home on the market for $4.5 million.
Ms Tonkin, who designs homeware collection Lisa T for Target, has listed her Victorian era home in Armadale, a coveted suburb south-east of Melbourne CBD, for auction.
With classic architecture and contemporary interiors, the chic home once featured in Vogue Living magazine.
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Perched in the coveted suburb Armadale, the Victorian era home featured in Vogue Living magazine
The home will be taken to auction with a reserve price of $4.5 million, boasting a conservatory and swimming pool
Lisa Tonkin with her Lisa T homeware collection for Target, which she designs to 'give your space a pop of colour and contemporary style' it reads on her Facebook page
The 2B Erskine Street home has four generous bedrooms, including a main suite with designer en-suite and dressing room, study, three bathrooms and a four-car garage.
The home also boasts a conservatory, butler's pantry, cellar, circular driveway, pool, established gardens, chandeliers and soaring ceilings for luxurious living.  
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Ms Tonkin and husband Phil will take the classic home with contemporary interiors to auction on August 29 with Marshall White realtor Sally O'Connell.
The home, seven kilometres from Melbourne CBD in the south-east of Australia's fashion capital, has a reserve price of $4.5 million.
The home has established gardens and and pool with contemporary designs
The grand home has soaring ceilings and chandeliers for luxurious living in one of Melbourne's most coveted suburbs
With Victorian era architecture, the classic home has a reserve price of a whopping $4.5 million
The home has four generous bedrooms including a main suite with en-suite and dressing room
The house, at 2B Erskine Street in Armadale, boasts three bathrooms including a designer en-suite
The grand home has soaring ceilings, and is situated 7 kilometres south-east of Melbourne's CBD
Ms Tonkin's home was even featured in Vogue Living magazine, a testament to the contemporary interiors and classic architecture
The kitchen has a butler's pantry to fit with the luxurious living of a $4.5 million or more home

Lisa T designs for her homeware collection sell through Target, and are made to put some colour into homes and offices
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