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We here at Roadshow are all pretty lucky. We get to drive all the new cars, often in spectacular locations. From the over-the-top [/roadshow/reviews/2020-ferrari-f8-tributo-review/ Ferrari F8 Tributo] to the latest [/roadshow/reviews/2020-porsche-taycan-4s-sedan-preview/ Porsche Taycan EV] to the humble [/roadshow/reviews/2021-kia-seltos-sx-dct-awd-preview/ Kia Seltos crossover], footballandcricketonline.bookmark.com we drive them all. But what cars do we spend our hard-earned money on?
Honestly, the Roadshow garage is... a little weird. Sure, there are the requisite little sports cars, but we've also got a few classics, a project car and one of us doesn't even own a vehicle(!). So read on, fellow car nerds, and see what we're driving.