Overkill Ventures

Overkill Ventures is a B2B accelerator and investor. They invest €40k in all companies they take into their 3-month acceleration program, and up to €250k into the best ones who finish it. Their focus is on early stage B2B startups from Eastern Europe and Nordics that are less than 3 years old.

They’ve helped numerous companies establish their first beachhead market and sales and product-market fit. Their investors and stakeholders include companies and highly networked individuals from multiple industries, like a telecom company, several medical equipment companies, and Accelerace, the large Danish accelerator. They have excellent networks in industrial, mobility and 3D-printing sectors.

At least one of the founders has to be full-time. Founders have to own at least 80% of the shares. Their geographic focus is on the Eastern Europe, Denmark and Finland. The company’s insight into the market demand is also an important when deciding to invest.

They always seek a 3% stake for their first investment. They don’t take a board seat.

Ticket size: €40k-€40k, maximum allocation with follow-on investments €290k per company